Discover how your mind can find peace and grow to use these skills during daily life.
Learn Traditional seated/resting methods of calming your mind combined with relaxing movements and guided imagery.

Basic classes will introduce the concepts of how to find and follow your breath, different ways to sit, stand or lie to achieve a relaxed state. Learn various methods so you have options that you can use when you continue your meditation path.

Guided imagery (secular) is incorporated into our meditation/mindfulness session. Self reflection and/or focus away from yourself and the thoughts that arise are reinforced through short guided mental journeys.

Compassion, self healing, use of sound, use of silence, chi kung, and awareness of thought and emotion are all blended into our sessions.
Notice emotions as they arise and make conscious choices on how to deal with them before they take over.

Instruction guides you toward a path of being present and focused during daily life for a much richer life experience.

Brief discussions of the Western Scientific findings on how meditation has been shown to improve your body can be discussed. (See article links)

Classes are customized to the audience.
Ask about classes for your group: Corporate and School Group Classes

Past and current classes taught to elementary students, middle school students, and adults only.

Articles on Meditation Science & Benefits

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