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Mindful Movement-Tai Chi Exercise

Using the principles of Chi Kung (Qigong) , Tai Chi and Soft Style Martial Arts, along with simple yoga learn how to stretch and recharge. Meditate while following breath and moving through the flowing postures of Chi Kung.

Strength Training with Weights

Use free weights and learn how to tone your muscles with proper form. Stengthen with isometrics for a strong core. In Person programs also work on cardio training

Martial Arts Fitness

Increase your strength, flexibility and cardio while learning skills from Hapkido, TaeKwondo, Aikido. Learn to focus, and be present in the moment.


Traditional seated/resting methods of calming your mind combined with relaxing movements and guided imagery. Discover how your mind can find peace and grow to use these skills during daily life.

Tai Chi Form

Practice Flow and Balance while Challenging your Mind to Learn the Yang Family Style Short Form. Guided practice to learn proper timing with breath, postures and stances.

Self Defense

Grow physical fitness, gain flexibility, increase your focus, balance and confidence.
Workouts include cardio, mental focus, core conditioning and stretching exercises.

What our members say

Donna Kalyan

Donna Kalyan


"What a great way to start or end your day. Sabrina works with what the group wants and needs to make the class's truly personal. She cares for each student helping you to achieve your personal goals and is always there to answer questions. When you leave one of Sabrina's class's you feel fantastic, and you are always looking forward to the next one. Try one of her class's you won't be disappointed!"

Lua Carlson

Lua Carlson


"Sabrina has a rare gift for making mindfulness meditation accessible and relevant to children and teenagers with a meditative practice that teaches them how to focus rather than clear their minds, and by engaging them through active and hands-on meditations that progress gradually toward stillness and inward focusing."



ANGEL, ORACLE, & TAROT (click image for link)

"Sabrina's understanding of the mind body connection and her extensive experience as a martial arts instructor make her a compassionate, talented, and inspiring leader. Everything she does is infused with love and passion for growth, which she shares with her students. I highly recommend all of her classes. She has something for everyone!"

Janet Wang

Janet Wang

Mindful Movement & Tai Chi Student

The combination of mind & body; calm & fitness; energy & strength in the classes are tremendously beneficial. I am in better shape in all aspects at 68 than in my 40's & 50's! Flexibility, stability & mobility are critical at this stage of life. Sabrina is very aware of older body potential problems & is conscientious about reminding you of alternative ways to move. Two years of classes have increased my overall fitness & reduced my stress significantly. I very highly recommend Mindful Arts and Fitness.

Jenny Burgess

Jenny Burgess

TaeKwonDo Program

Amazing instructors! My son loves this class and has shown so much improvement. Not only does he get a great workout, but he is taught life-lessons about how to be a good person.

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