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Mindful Arts & Fitness was created by Sabrina Mix, after 20 years of professional Martial Arts Instruction, Meditation, Chi Kung and Tai Chi practice.

Sabrina has an enjoyable teaching style, encouraging fun workouts while maintaining a high level of courtesy and respect for all those training together. She focuses on proper alignment of the spine, knees, and other joints to ensure that the body is strengthened and stretched without injury: a nice blend of Eastern techniques with Western ideals for fitness and health.

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Matthias Leibmann earned Second Degree Black belts in Hapkido and Taekwondo with additional years of training in Aikido and it’s staff and sword. His training in the martial arts began at age 19 in Germany. In addition to teaching TaeKwondo, Hapkido and Self Defense, Matthias works as a Program Manager at Microsoft. His passion for fitness extends into healthy fitness routines, strength training, tennis, skiing and biking.

Donna Kalyan instructs in the Mindful Movement and Tai Chi programs. Her passion for sharing the joy of healthy movement shines though in her teaching. Donna excels at problem solving to help each student reach their potential by adapting postures and techniques to suit a students needs. Donna has a lifelong journey of studying fitness and mindfulness including strength training and yoga. She and her husband, Raman are raising 2 children.

Sabrina Mix

Matthias Leibmann

Donna Kalyan

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