Martial Arts Fitness

In Person Classes Begin September 12

Ages 13+ Teen/Adult

South Bellevue Community Center

Every workout begins with stretching and connecting to your breath for centering and calming the body and mind. Move on to some flowing and cardio movements while learning the skills present in the martial arts of Hapkido , Aikido, TaeKwondo. Learn  kicks, stances, hand techniques, mat work, rolls and balance taking.

End your workout with some easy strength building and flexibility promoting exercises.

No belts or competitions. Enjoy the journey, gain skills and increase your fitness level. Learn authentic techniques.

Experience the martial arts for self confidence, flexibility, strength and peace of mind. Grow physical fitness, gain flexibility, increase your focus, balance and awareness.
Workouts include cardio, mental focus, core conditioning and stretching exercises. New Students may begin at anytime. Skills build upon each other at a personal pace. The class is ongoing and adaptable to all experience levels. Shoes optional, mats available. Wear comfortable workout clothes.

Self Defense: Personal Empowerment

Level I classes this Fall! Must pre-register, South Bellevue Community Center,class size limited. Click dates to below to register:

Fall classes are over : Please check back for our 2024 schedule Coming soon!

Self Defense begins with awareness and confidence gained through training. Learn martial arts techniques to empower yourself to fight back, maintain your confidence, and escape from grabs and holds.

Practice individually, one on one with an instructor, and in groups. We foster a positive learning atmosphere through trust, respect of each other and well guided instruction. Techniques are adaptable to various ages and sizes. Taught by Sabrina Mix and Matthias Leibmann, a husband and wife team training for 25+ years in the martial arts.

Level I covers hand and foot strikes, grab/hold releases and an introduction to basic throwing. Awareness training, use of voice, and personal safety principles are practiced. This well balanced self defense class covers many possible defense scenarios.

Level II for those who wish to train further: Grows your skill set by learning to fall without injury, basic throwing and redirection principles, ground techniques and playing out scenarios per student request. Session I prerequisite

Contact us to request a class for your group. 

Watch some practices

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