25 to 50 minute sessions available at your location.

Rates average $60 per session, for the group. Rates vary depending on group size, location, time, and frequency of classes.

Instructor, Sabrina Mix, offers unique programs tailored to the group. For example: when instructing elementary and middle school students, she incorporates more yoga/chi kung movement in addition to listening to music and using focus objects to give kids more ways to understand mindfulness and being fully present in the moment. She also incorporates sessions of stillness and breathing techniques, guiding students to find the calm between the noise of their thoughts.

For the adult groups, Sabrina offers guided reminders and breathing techniques as well as visualization. She encourages a deep relaxation of body and clarity of mind beginning by narrowing your focus on one or two things until you reach moments of bare awareness, or stillness of mind.
In addition, she introduces ideas for self discovery and understanding of your mind/body/emotion connection. There is a goal always present of improving your mental state in order to experience more clarity and peace during your everyday activities.

Please call or email Sabrina to discuss what can work for your group.

This is what Lua Carlson, Middle school Teacher has to say about the Program offered at her school:

“Sabrina has a rare gift for making mindfulness meditation accessible and relevant to children and teenagers with a meditative practice that teaches them how to focus rather than clear their minds, and by engaging them through active and hands-on meditations that progress gradually toward stillness and inward focusing.”

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