See Mindful Movement Page for Chi Kung / Beginning Tai Chi Class

Tai Chi Forms Class (not yet online)

Mindful Movement Advanced Class

Join us for instruction of the Yang Family Style Short Form.

Learn how to time your postures and movements to your breath, for a relaxing experience as your memorization of the form progresses. Emphasis is placed on proper foot and knee placement, weight shifting, and balance for a comfortable practice.

In addition to the Tai Chi pattern, we incorporate Chi Kung and other energy based focusing exercises to encourage suppleness, strength and increased flow of chi and oxygen.

This class is open to past and current students of Mindful Movement: Tai Chi Exercise Class with instructor permission. It is recommended that you have a background in Chi Kung (Mindful Movement) or Tai Chi before you begin this class.

Sabrina Mix, instructor

Class returning In Person in 2023 in Bellevue

Sabrina at the Bellevue Main Club

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